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A Conoly/Conoley Genealogy:

Descendants of Daniel Conley

(1768 - 1849)


Nancy Anna Campbell

(1770 - 1851)

of Robeson County , NC

by Don Conoly


If you're looking for a comprehensive, easy-to-use guide to the Conoly/Conoley families of Robeson County, NC, look no further,

you've found it.


After almost forty years of painstaking research, Don Conoly has compiled an amazing history of our early ancestors and their many descendants in North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, and beyond.


As noted in the introductory pages:


"Personal family records, newspapers, County courthouse records, U.S. and State Census records, Archives of the Presbyterian Church, other printed Family Books, Libraries and Research Societies, and personal interviews have all been used to furnish data."


    The CD contains:

  • the Conoly/Conoley Family Genealogy book (over 500 pages) in two convenient formats (both Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF format,

  • movies in Windows Media format,

  • pictures from 22 family reunions - 1980 to the present,

  • pictures of family members listed by state, and

  • pictures of birth certificates, churches, homes, maps, and more.

It's an AMAZING collection

of OVER 1400 files in all! 


This book is:

  • thoroughly researched

  • well-documented

  • written in an entertaining but professional style

  • easily searchable

  • a one of a kind history you won't find anywhere else

. . . and to top it all off, it has . . .

a seventy-one page index of

family members' names that is

absolutely priceless!


This book is an invaluable resource to anyone researching the Conoly/Conoley families and is a treasure you will want to hand down to your family. Come to think of it, why wait years to share this.  Consider giving this CD as a gift or donate one to your local library or genealogical society! They'll love it, too!


For more information

about how to get your copy,

contact Don Conoly at







Conoly/Conoley 2009 - Present