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Genealogy Forms


Having trouble keeping all your information organized?  Keeping your findings in order will be a lot easier when you take your notes on these blank forms. A big "thank you" to Don Conoly for passing these along.


You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these files.  If you don't already have the Reader software, you can download it here.

When you're ready to access the list:

  1. To open the file, just double click on the link. After the file has opened you can save it to your computer by clicking on "File" and "Save".

  2. To save the file directly from this page, right click on the link and then select "Save As" and save it to your computer.


Four-Generation Ancestor Chart - A four-generation chart ready for you to print and fill in!


Agricultural Schedules

These forms are perfect for tracking agricultural information (like for old family farms) including the name of the owner or manager, the number of improved and unimproved acres, as well as the cash value of the farm, farming machinery, livestock, animals slaughtered during the past year, and "homemade manufactures." The schedules also allow for entering additional information about crops and other produce.

Blank Soundex Cards - Blank Soundex Cards for 1880, 1900, and 1910


Cemetery - Plenty of space for recording the name of the cemetery, town, county, physical address, name, age, date of birth, date of death, inscription, location in the cemetery.


Census forms 1790 - 1930




Census Record Form - The Census Record Form provides a way to show how one individual appeared in the census records over the years.


Correspondence Chart - An easy chart for keeping track of the contacts you make.


Cousin Finder - Does trying to figure out those "cousin" relationships wear you out?  This chart can help you sort it out.


Definitions - A fantastic 24-page guide that includes:

  • A Comprehensive Family History Questionnaire

  • Glossary of Genealogy Terms

  • Guide to Soundex and Census Abbreviations

  • How to Read 1880 Soundex Card

  • How to Read 1900 Soundex Card

  • How to Read 1910 Miracod Soundex Card

  • Illness Chart

  • Occupations Chart

  • War Chart

  • What Information is on Each Census? 1790-1940

Determining Relationships - A handy chart for determining relationships. (Based on the system used by courts and most genealogical societies.)


Family Group Chart - A family group chart with space for up to 12 children.


Genealogy Research Log - Provides space for your ancestor's name, information needed, location, chart number, date of search, location, call number of source document, and comments.


Illnesses and Diseases - Four pages of the names of old- time illnesses.


Interview Questions - A priceless list of questions, 175 in all, that will help you make sure you don't miss any opportunities when interviewing people.


Marriage Log Form - A simple form for recording marriage information that you find.


Occupations Listing - A fun and interesting list of the names of old-time occupations.  A little embarrassed about that "amanuensis" in your family?  Nothing to be concerned about!  You have an ancestor who was a secretary or stenographer!


Research Calendar - Includes space for the family being researched, researcher, date, repository, call and microfilm number, description of source, time period and names searched, and results.


Research Extract Form - File number, family, repository, call number, microfilm number, description of source, indexed condition, time period and names searched, search objective, etc.


Soundex Abbreviations Guide - A Guide to Soundex Abbreviations.


Soundex Cards Form - How To Read An 1880 Soundex Card.


Sources Summary - A great form for keeping track of where you found information including: date, repository, call number and microfilm number, name of source including author and publishing date, type of info, information found, file number, and optional information.


Tree Pedigree Chart - Tired of all those white pages of information?  Want to dress up your work a little?  Here's a pedigree chart with a grand old tree in the background.


Vertical Family Group Form - A great chart for tracking family groups with space for up to sixteen children.


Vertical Pedigree Form - A vertical pedigree form with space for birth, marriage, and death info.


What Is On The Federal Census Records Form - A convenient listing of what information is included on each of the US Federal Census forms from 1790-1940.





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